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Rodeo Gear
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Bull Riding Equipment

Tiffany Bull-Ridin' Gloves
Get a Grip!  Made from genuine deerskin, Tiffany Gloves are the most popular Bull-Ridin' gloves on the circuit
   • Available in Sizes: 
       6-1/2; 7; 7-1/2; 8; 8-1/2; 9; 9-1/2; 10
   • Please specify "short" or "long" fingers
   • Please specify "right" or "left" hand

Part # Price
CBT-TG     $50.00
Rosin - Super Black & White
2 for $5.00
Bull Riding Spur Straps
Part # Price
900-01     $30.00pr
Custom Made Bull Ropes by Everett Morton
Phoenix Velociti 6000 Helmet
Part # Price
330-6000    $260.00
  Phoenix Protective Vest - Black
Part # Price
430-2104    $350.00
  Phoenix Protective Vest - Colored Leather Finalist
Part # Price
430-2104C    $385.00
  Bullistic Helmet - Large/Medium/Small
Bull Spurs - 22 Degree
Part # Price
600-B22    $95.00


Gear Bags

The Gear Bag preferred by professionals now has even more convenient features:

  • Long-wearing vinyl lined bags with padded bottom
  • Inside pockets with hook & loop closures
  • Full length, heavy duty, self-repairing zippers with two sliders allows easy access to contents
  • All handle straps extend completely around the bottom of the bag for ultimate support
  • All bags feature a handy zippered compartment on the outside of the bag
  • All bags feature convenient shoulder carrying strap
  • Satisfaction guaranteed!

Dress up and personalize your Gear Bag with a handsome hand-stamped leather name plaque with dyed letters!

  • name Plaque = $20.00 + $3.00 per letter
  • Initial Plaque with 3 letters = $20.95
  • Available Colors:  Red, Blue, Black, Forest Green, Black & Red Combo, and Red & Blue Combo
200-05 Large Gear Bag
Style#: 200-05
Price: $100.00

....holds bronc saddle
200-04 Medium Gear Bag
Style#: 200-04
Price: $85.00
200-01 Small Gear Bag
Style#: 200-01
Price: $75.00

....makes a great Jr. Gear Bag!
200-07 Travel Bag

Style#: 200-07
Price: $135.00

Features four spacious outside pockets
Available in Black only
200-06 Vest Pocket Gear Bag

Style#: 200-06
Price: $100.00

This medium bag features specially designed compartment for protective vest
200-08 Garment Bag

Style#: 200-08
Price: $95.00

This hang-up bag can be folded and carried with shoulder strap
Also features boot pockets!
Available in Black only
200-09 Gear Bag Caddy

Style#: 200-09
Price: $15.00

This handy leather pouch works great for extra storage of your small hard-to-find items.  A big asset in any Gear Bag.  Made of top grain leather.
Measures 11" x 6" with convenient Velcro closure 

Bronc Saddles & Accessories

RO Bronc Saddle Rough-Out Bronc Saddle
These expertly hand-crafted saddles are made stouter than most.  We use only the finest leather, hardware and trees. 
Many top Bronc Riders feel this is the finest saddle on the market today
   • Seat lengths:  15";15-1/2"; 16"; 16-1/2"; or 17"
   • Bullhide covered wooden tree
   • Golden Wool Sheepskin lined
   • Latigo lined billets reinforced with 1-3/4" nylon  webbing
   • Stirrup Leathers 2-1/2" or 3"  (3" is standard)

Part # Price
5000-SRO   $2050.00
EZ Dees Barstow E-Z Dees
Bent or broken "D's" can cost you money.  Now you can replace your worn "D's" with Barstow's tough, long-lasting Front &  Back Bronc Saddle "D's".  available plain, or made up with new rigging leathers ready to attach to your tree.
   • Set of Front and Back Dees
   • Front and Back w/Leather
   • Set of Front EZ Dees only
   • Set of Back Dees only
   • Front EZ Dees w/Leather 
   • Stirrup Leathers 2-1/2" or 3" (3" is standard)

Part # Price
500-DFBL     $100.00
500-DFE  $40.00
500-DB $25.00
500-DFEL $75.00
Bronc Reins Part # Price
Sisal 500-4001 $48.00
Poly 500-4002 $48.00
Half Sisal/Half Poly 500-4003 $48.00
Bronc Saddle Stirrups & Spurs     
Wood Stirrups 500-4005 $65.00
Fiberglass Stirrups 500-4FGS $95.00
Nylon Stirrups 500-FNLN $85.00
Spurs 600-SBS $90.00


Bare-Back Riggings                    

The ultimate goal in developing this rigging was to get a rigging that would hold a peak in the body longer, yet flex out below the peak at the bars to fit different types of horses better; allowing both the rider and the horse to be able to perform at their very best.

The Pro Flex is available in two styles:

BB High Lift
High Lift
  • Sets higher in front
  • Long body and cut-out back included at 
      no extra charge

Part # Price
400-PFHL     $565.00

BB Standard

   • Sets a horse similar to our PR94 rigging
   • Also available with cut-out back &/or 
       extra long body

Part # Price
400-PFST    $479.00

  Bareback Spurs
   • Sets higher in front
   • Long body and cut-out back included at no extra

Part # Price
600-BB5    $90.00
Schild BB Gloves Schild Bareback Gloves
Helps you hang on tight!  Designed and made by Shawn Schild, former Wilderness Circuit Champion.
   • Custom made to fit your hand
Part # Price
CBT-BBG     $175.00